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Cedar Park, TX

Cedar Park, TX

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Throw Absolute - Sunrise


The sun is setting, you airing bottomward to the bank with absolute in hand. Your sun-kissed bark is aglow from an acclaimed day of alleviation and accord brought on from the abatement sounds of the ocean waves. You smile as the sun magically melts into the ocean waters.

Beautiful and sustainable, these blankets are fabricated of reclaimed fibers acquired from 100% post-consumer abstracts absolute a appropriate alloy of cotton, acrylic, and polyester. The Aurora Bandy is advised to be be your go-to absolute - absolute for a home emphasis bandy to bundle up with & asperous abundant for your weekend adventures up the coast!

Like your admired brace of jeans, appropriately abiding and soft, this Aurora Bandy becomes softer (and you'll adulation it alike more) afterwards anniversary wash.


  • Designed in California
  • Artisan fabricated in Mexico
  • Natural, Mustard, Ablaze Pink
  • Measures 73" x 48"

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