Mintiml Can Opener
Mintiml Can Opener
Mintiml Can Opener
Mintiml Can Opener
Mintiml Can Opener
Mintiml Can Opener
Mintiml Can Opener

Mintiml Can Opener

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  • When we alcohol canned drinks, we usually can't accessible the lid or breach the handle arena or alike aching our hands, it's annoying. Introducing Mintiml Can Opener, a bar tool designed to safely remove the top of about any can with leaving no aciculate edges. No added affliction and laborious, enhancing our drinking experience.

Main Features

  • Get A Bland Cascade Drink
    Locking apparatus deeply locks acid caster in abode to ensure a constant cut and bargain ache on our hands. And removing the top of the can allows us to cascade and enjoy the alcohol after interruption.

  • Fits About Any Can
    Mintiml Can Opener can be acclimated on most 8-19 oz cooler cans, such as the craft beers, acicular seltzers, canned wine, canned cocktails, activity drinks, algid coffee, soda/seltzer, and abundant more. Aloof adore your algid alcohol anytime!

  • Enjoy A Abounding Alcohol Taste
    Never abashed of the anchor angle was airtight or alike cut your fingers. Aloof own Mintiml Can Opener and accessible cans with affluence in seconds! Removing the absolute top allows our adenoids to adore the balm of the cooler as if it were glass.

  • DIY Your Drinks As Your Flavor
    By removing the absolute top of the can, it allows us to spice up our admired canned drinks easier. Whether you like affair or aloof a little citrus in your beer, it's all available. Also, you can booty advantage of an abandoned can to arrange and bulb flowers, or as a pen container.

  • Take it on the Go
    Perfect admeasurement for about any beer can, so balloon about the mug, and you can adore your admired beer at a party, at the bank or a barbeque. Simply snap the handle bankrupt for safe accumulator and put it into your abridged to take it anywhere and adore your beer anytime.

How to Use

  • 1. Grab the top bend Or the basal bend of the can; (Don't grab the centermost of the can in adjustment to abstain overflowing. )
  • 2. Open the opener handle and abode it on the top of the can;
  • 3. Squeeze the handle and rotate;
  • 4. Align rim of the can with handle notches and boring accessible the top.


Material PC ABS
Type Topless Can Opener
Product Weight
  • 63G
Product Size
  • 9.5 × 6 × 1.5cm
Package Contents
  • 1 × Mintiml™ Can Opener


  • Due to chiral measurements, amuse acquiesce slight altitude deviations.
  • Due to the altered affectation and lighting effects, the absolute blush of the account may be hardly altered from the blush displayed on the picture.

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